About Us

Sight the World wants to help millions of kids and adults see better.   We know the amazing impact that pair of glasses or contacts can have on a person who cannot see properly.  The difference is remarkable and the outcomes always predictably grand!

Affordable glasses

Sight the World is dedicated to providing free glasses to those in need.  There are never questions and conditions to getting our glasses and contacts.  If a person believes they are in need and they can’t afford it, the glasses and shipping are always free!

Better vision

Study after study has shown the correlation between  correct vision and being  a productive person in life.  Our goal is to provide as many glasses as possible to the world’s needy, so they can become productive, valuable members of society.

Contact lenses

Sometimes contacts suit the needs of a person better than glasses, When this is the case, we can provide so many variations for a child or adult.

Joseph Carbone and a new recipient of her own glasses in Africa.

Joseph Carbone is an abroad certified optician with over 45 years of experience.  In 2000 he came to the conclusion that the production of glasses was just too exclusive and expensive for low-income families.

In 2001 he began the charity, EyeCare4Kids (see www.EyeCare4Kids.org) to help any needy child get an exam and pair of needed glasses for free.  He began with one brick and mortar clinic which has grown to six.  The sole purpose of these clinics was to help children in need of professional eye exams and glasses to be able to obtain them at no cost or low cost.  After almost 20 years, this endeavor has helped over 300,000 children see better and flourish in a most important environment – school 

But Joseph could see so much need still untouched in the world.  To this end he created an innovative virtual clinic called Sight the World that could be accessed by all in need via telemedicine and technology. Through this new portal, the charity would have the ability to start touching and helping hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of needy children and adults who cannot see properly because they have not had access to exams and eyeglasses throughout the world.

“We are changing lives. Sure, it’s a pair of eyeglasses, but it’s reading. It’s education. It’s a child’s future.”

Joseph Carbone, Founder and CEO


Because of EyeCare4Kids success over the last 20 years,  worldwide glass frame and lens manufacturers have partnered with EyeCare4Kdis and Sight the World to help provide inexpensive, quality glasses and contacts for worldwide consumption.  The benefit to the world’s needy, is very low cost or free eyeglasses that can be obtained through the internet, wherever the person lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What commitment do I have to make to get these glasses?

For those in need of eyeglasses, but cannot afford the cost, it is free.  Your only obligation is to have your child or needy family member get an eye exam from an eye specialist or opthomoligist, and submit it on the Sight the World web site for fulfillment.

Are the glasses really high quality?

All of Sight the World’s glass frames are break-resistant, and come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  We hope there is a special pair made just for your child.

How long does it take to receive a pair of glasses after ordering them?

About two week, depending on where you live.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?


Can the glasses be sent anywhere in the world?


How do we get an eye exam?

Currently, you will have to go to a local eye expert or optometrist for an exam.  We will ask you to enter the results of the exam into the required fields of our site.  Coming soon, our site will have the exclusive ability to offer exams via a special app on our site.  This service will be free to participating families.

What if my child’s glasses break?

No problem.  You just re-apply for a new pair using your current exam results.

Is there a limit to the number of my children that can receive free glasses?

No.  Our goal is to help millions of needy children and adults throughout the world see clearly and perform better in school and in life.

Contact Us

Your questions are important to us. Please reach out to us if you have a question or any comments that you would like to share. Thank you for your support!