Check Out These Great Lense Options!

Anti-Reflective Lense


1.  Anti reflective may increase your visual clarity by allowing more light to pass through your lens
2.  Reduces glare
3.  Extends the life of your lenses – protects against scratches and smudges.
4.  Protects your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun
5.  Makes your lenses easier to clean by preventing oil, water, and dirt from sticking to the lenses

Photochromic Lense

(Gray +$35, Brown +$40)

1.  Allows you to stop struggling between two pairs of eyeglasses, your pair of clear glasses and sunglasses
2.  They adapt to your environmental changes (indoor, outdoor, high or low brightness)
3.  Provides greater comfort since they reduce eyestrain and glare from the sun
4.  Provides daily protection against harmful UV rays by absorbing 100% of all UVA and UVB rays.